12 CDs Done

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Did you miss me?

I am finally getting around to updating my website and when I got to the blog link I just about fell off my chair when I realized I haven't posted anything since 2013! I mean, come on Billy...it's almost 2016, right?

How many of my little fans from three years ago are still little?

A lot has happened after the big 12 CD experiment of 2012. Too much to write about right now any way. I did miss telling you about my last CD "Can you Dig It?" I hope you did. If you missed it here is a link to it... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mrbilly29

I was pretty sick for a while, but I'm ok now!

I do all my shows with my son Wil and hope to do more live Mr. Billy shows in 2016 than I have in a while. There is also a new CD in the works, number 29 can you believe it? But more on that later.

Well all in all it's good to be back, is anyone out there? Drop me a line, a comment, a call, a text...whatever you do these days and say hey!

FYI, Mr. Billy is BACK!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Haven't been posting too much since I finished recording the CDs. But I got a great message today that two of my CDs have been reviewed in a major publication the School Library Journal.  They will be published in the May 2013 issue.  Check it out...

Sensational Songs About Science Fiction? Performed by Mr. Billy. CD. approx. 40 min. Prod. by Flying Bounce House Records/Mr. Billy. Dist. by AV Café. 2012. ISBN unavail. $15.

PreS-Gr 3–Blast off into outer space with Mr. Billy’s high-energy rock album of 12 songs about the solar system, extraterrestrials, space travel, and time travel. His vocal and the instrumental performances on guitars and drums are solid. Mr. Billy wrote some of the songs, but he also had assistance from Dave Kinnoin, Dino O’Dell, Monty Harper, Sue Straw, Wayne Potash, and his son, Wil Grisack (aka Pod Persin). He also covers a couple of songs, including “Year 3000,” first recorded by the band Busted, and later by the Jonas Brothers. “I Think I’m a Clone Now” is Weird Al Yankovic’s hilarious send-up of “I Think I’m Alone Now,” made famous by Tommy James and the Shondells. The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, the ChupaCabra, and Moth Man are “Mystical Monsters” in a song that encourages listeners to swim, stomp, jump, and fly. Each generation, amazed by such inventions as radios, electric lights, cell phones, and personal computers wonder “What Will They Think of Next?” The other songs are “Peanut Butter Jellyfish,” “Flying Car,” “My Robot Army,” “Dogs in Space,” “Vacation in Roswell,” “Weightless” (in a space station), “30 Minutes or Less,” and “Science or Fiction.” A fun and light-hearted album for young science fiction fans.–Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX

Super Superhero Songs. Performed by Mr. Billy. CD. approx. 41 min. Prod. by Flying Bounce House Records. Dist. by AV Café. 2012. ISBN unavail. $15.

PreS-Gr 3–Mr. Billy (William Charles Grisack III) presents a high-energy album of 12 songs in celebration of various superheroes, sidekicks, and villains. Most of the numbers are in an energetic rock musical style, along with a couple of slower tunes. “A Guy Named Stan” praises Stan Lee. Mr. Billy sings “Batman” to the theme music from the old Batman television show, and incorporates that well-known schoolyard song: “Jingle Bells, Batman smells/ Robin laid an egg….” He also covers Weird Al Yankovic’s hilarious “Spider-man (Ode to a Superhero)” which borrows Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” tune. “Super Monkey” helps with grades, bullies, and finding lost things. Other songs include “Superman Mania,” “Bowling for Heroes,” “Green” (Green Hornet, Green Lantern and others), “Villains on Vacation,” “Magneto and Titanium Man,” “The Comic Book Store” (which is compared to the Fortress of Solitude and Bruce Wayne’s cave), “Super Sidekicks” (Robin, Speedy, and others), and “Action Hero, Hero Action.” A sure-fire hit with all young superhero aficionados.–Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Yesterday was a wild ride. At the beginning of the day I still had four songs to record. I had lost some files, but I was determined to finish recording all the songs before midnight. I did. In fact I did it in style...

About halfway through I started tweeting everything I was doing, step by step and when I got to the last song I decided to go LIVE and stream it...reality baby! It was a ton of fun explaining what I was doing and joking around with all the people who showed up like Monty Harper, Clark the Rock Guitarist, Greg Coony, Captain Jelly Bean and Vogal Joy...there were more, but these guys (and my cousin Tressa) really got into it.I think you can see all of it on my Ustream Channel .

Today I am doing a little remixing, mastering, graphic tweaks and uploading the rest of my CDs to my manufacturing company. If all goes as usual, all 12 CDs will be ready to purchase as REAL PHYSICAL CDs before Tuesday January 1, 2013.

SIDEBAR; the next time I get depressed (yes, I do from time to time) because I think I have no friends (I really think that a lot), I have to look at this CD cover and shut up.

Here is the latest (probably NOT final CD cover...can you see what's new?...

I'm still adding people to the last CD cover. Since not all of the folks that helped me with tracks appeared on the last CD, I thought that they should still be represented here. But I am having a heck of a time remembering everyone that jumped in, some folks have no photos I can find. Bummer. Maybe those people are there but standing so far back they are lost in the shadows? Yes! That is my story and I will stick to it!

Look at that thing; country, bluegrass, jazz, African,  hard rock, pop, folk, classic rock, blues, alternative, singer-songwriter, Christian, computer, IOS, prog and children music makers from all over the globe. How cool is that? I probably missed a few styles sorry.

OK how about a really FUN song to take us out today, huh? This is a song that my wife and I have been doing for years in pop bands, I really wanted to do one or two more great songs for the girls. I added "Swimming with Dolphins" and this little gem (with new lyrics when needed) called (nobody barf...) "Barbie Girl". I'm Ken. See ya later...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Only Three Days Left...Really?

Where did the time go? 

Didn't I just start this crazy adventure?

What...it's been a year?

Now I only have three days left and a half dozen songs to record...I don't even know what the last three are going to be.

I couldn't sleep last night so I did something that has needed to be done for a while, I re-mixed and mastered CD's nine and ten...yep, NEVER DID IT. The files have been sitting on my computer. CD eleven is not mixed or mastered yet and CD 12, well...I'd rather not talk about that now.

If all goes well I should be able to get nine and ten up and ready to distribute/sell today. If I'm not too tired I might be able to get CD eleven up and sometime before the ball drops on New York finish recording, mixing, mastering and uploading CD 12. I can do that, right?

Well I could...IF MY COMPUTERS DIDN'T STOP WORKING AND DESTROYING MY FILES! Not one, but both my MacBook and PC are being very difficult. The MacBook went belly up and took a whole song with it last night and the PC is eating files...NOT GOOD TIMING. 


OK, I feel better now. It's been a few hours since I wrote that Hulk thing, back to normal now.

I just texted Mary Lynn Maestro, got off the phone with Dave Kinnoin and Marla Lewis, after chatting with them I have finalized the playlist for my final CD, here it is...

  1. With a Little Help From My Friends
  2. Worlds Lamest Superhero
  3. Together Again
  4. Wipe Out Wil
  5. Just Ducky
  6. Barbie Girl 
  7. Cleaning Up the Table 
  8. They're Never Gonna Play This Song on the Radio 
  9. Swimming With Dolphins
  10. I Don't Want an Easy Life
  11. Girl Power
  12. Why Can't We Be Friends
The songs in black are finished, the songs in red are in various states of production, but I think they will all be done tomorrow (if the computers hold up).

This CD is all about collaboration and oddly enough this is the CD I have written the least amount of songs for! I have written exactly one and TWO half's of the songs. But I feel like they are all mine in some way (Shhhh...don't tell Paul McCartney!).

I want to leave you with another song from the CD today, speaking of McCartney, here is the (sort of) title track from the CD, "With a Little Help from My Friends", enjoy and share!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Greatest Gift Ever

I am sitting here listening to the greatest gift ever. A song by one of the greatest bands ever written by two of the the greatest songwriters ever recorded by a group of about 20 people form all over the globe (first time for me...ever). Fathers and sons, daughters, wives. young and old, professional, novice and many, many people who have NEVER met before came together to make this virtual band and choir a reality.

I have just finished mixing and mastering another song for my final CD of my 12 CDs in 12 Months project, this one was a doozie!

A Little Help From My Friends features tracks sent to me from all over the world. The basic music track was recorded in the Netherlands by Peter Cox (this guy is a saint...post something nice on his FaceBook or Google+, let his wife know we appreciate her letting him "play" with us!) Other instruments added by me and my family.

Lead and backing vocals by Oliver KinnoinDeborah DidiPop PoppinkSue Straw, Monty Harper, Evalyn Harper, Dino O'Dell, Douglas James, Fred ClarkLauren Lottinger, me...am I missing anyone?

As you can see I did not finish before the end of the world or Christmas Eve, but I am back in the studio and I WILL FINISH before the ball drops!

BTW-I added more people and redid the CD cover again, check it out on top and see where Monty is now! (he's been moved the most)

Anyway, here is my latest masterpiece, I really like doing this. Maybe someday I should give this "band" a name and record a whole CD...what do you think? "Trans Global Rockers?" "Jam Planet?" "He's Got the Whole World in His Guitar?" "One Sky Family?" "Will Rock 4 Kids?" I could go on and on, gotta get back to work and you need to listen, comment, share and post this song everywhere...get busy!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Football, Friends and Finishing...Not

I am having a total blast today. I am recording and mixing tracks for the new (and final) CD of the year, while l; listening to the Green Bay Packer football game live on my iPhone. I've never done that before.

I have no idea who that kid is with the Packer shirt and guitar, but it's a cool pic, right?

As I am listening to vocal after vocal that was sent to me I've been getting goosebumps! Really, just blown away. Getting to mix all you these wonderful singers, my friends and family, I feel like this is the best Christmas present anyone could ever get!

BTW-SHUT THE FRONT DOOR - Packers are kicking butt.

I love having the radio on while recording and blogging, I might do this all the time!

Have you heard of  The Sugar Free All Stars? Of course you have (just go with it, if you really have no idea what I'm talking about click here). Chris sang and also play some excellent organ parts, plus he just looks so darn cool on the cover! OH, what a voice! Sugar...wow. It's getting so hard to mix this, I can only use very small parts of each vocal, right now I just want to release like 7 or 8 different versions with different lead singers and BTW, I haven't sung a note yet...maybe I shouldn't? 

As I work on this CD, a project that I am driven to get other people to "shine" I am beginning to realize that my recently departed mother was right, perhaps my real destiny is to be a great producer, like Phil Spector (without the guns) or Sir George Martin (without EMI and Apple studios...maybe someday). I have always loved being a director, facilitator, mover and shaker...mmmmmm.... 

A great big THANK YOU to China White and Forest Field guitarist, mutli instrumentalist and all round great guy from the Netherlands Peter Cox. He did ALL the basic music tracks for this song...drums, bass, guitars and various keyboards. I could never have done this without him. I plan to do a lot of recording for him in 2013. 

OH, just took a cookie break because right when I was done and doing some mixing on this song I think I pushed my poor little OLD MacBook to the limit. It just kinda sat there, staring at me, not playing, not restarting...BAD. So I took a break and just turned it off, now I'm re-booting. Let's see what happens next, shall we? IT WORKED! Sounds great, just needs hand claps...I really do feel like Phil Spector! MORE DRUMS, MORE SINGERS, MORE REVERB, MORE RONNIE SPECTOR, MORE EVERYTHING!!!

 Adding shout outs to everyone who played and sang on the CD, tearing up here. Missing people that aren't with us any more that would have loved to hear this. It's been a long day, this is pretty much all I got done. I don't think the CD will be done by Christmas eve, but here it is for you and your loved ones to share. Please share it, happy holiday. Love Billy.